Sean is a lawyer and reader living in Brooklyn, NY. His reading interests include Shakespeare, classics, genre fiction, Jewish studies, and nuts at either end of the political spectrum. Of those interests, the only thing he can reasonably be said to be knowledgeable about is the nuts. An obsessive blogger, Sean also maintains a blog about fitness, learning ancient languages, and classical philosophy at and He does not understand the appeal of hockey, but follows the sport of professional bike racing.

V. Charm

Charm is a journalist and expatriate New Englander living in the American South. He has written precisely one book and many news stories, but his preferred medium is the anonymous, cheaply reproduced pamphlet. His reading interests range from American newspaper comics to Russian absurdists to sedevacantist Catholic tracts. He is a mile wide and an inch deep. He has no trouble understanding the appeal of ice hockey, especially as it is played by the Montreal Canadiens.

The Filled Slip

The Filled Slip is a writer and researcher living in one of the donkey basketball-playing flyover states. His interests mostly include marginal religions and spirituality in America, which is a polite way to sum up cults, defunct Hoodoo manufacturers, mental healers, heretical sects, fake yogis and short-lived occult brotherhoods. His curiosity in conspiracy theories and political wingnuts is atrophied, but can still be rallied for preachers who warn against giants and UFOs and groups who believe they can avoid taxes by writing their names in all caps. He does not understand hockey or the appeal of hockey, but  is still nostalgic for the Whalers.


Reedahs is a public high school teacher in Massachusetts who teaches Art and Culture and Asian Studies.  Although his username is a combination of his last name Reed and the school he teaches at, AHS, it was not until WordPress got rid of the capitalization that he realized that it also sounds like a Bostonian pronouncing the word “Readers” and he decided that this is awesome.  Most of the books he reads are Asian Studies, Crime Fiction, Historical nonfiction, and the occational book about ninja.


Rfslack is a technical writer (for now) in living in Takoma Park, MD. Rfslack does not understand how he managed to become a technical writer or even, really, what it means to be one–even though he spends eight hours a day supposedly doing just that. His interests include the way every idealistic movement since the French Revolution has pretty much been a disaster, early 20th Century history, Gothic literature and Great Novels He Should Have Read in College. He only likes hockey when it’s played on table top.


Stas lives in San Francisco, where too often he sells books faster than he reads them. Stas enjoys radical philosophy, crime fiction and something he just discovered called ‘speculative realism’. He also hopes this self-description won’t get deleted again.

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