Better World, Same Grumpy and Cheap Me

I recently cashed in both a Barnes & Noble gift certificate and a recent Barnes & Noble Groupon. There was a short stack of books on the history of stage magic and memoirs of former cult members that I had wanted to get for a while, but didn’t have that burning “drive to the bookstore 40 minutes away to get a copy of it NOW” urge. I bought a total of six books from the vendor Better World Books, only to discover at the very end of the labyrinth-like checkout process that I had to pay shipping for each and every book coming from that one vendor. The books were $1 each, and the shipping was closer to $3 each.

Now for hardcover books only a year or two old, $4-5 a title is a great price to pay at a used bookstore, but for some reason the lack of combined shipping bothered me especially when all six titles showed up at my doorstep today in one damn box.

According to their website, Better World Books has recycled about 50 million used books and raised about $9 million for libraries and literacy programs. Maybe I should just shut up and consider it money well spent.

-The Filled Slip


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