Acquisitions for early-March

None of the Borders in my state or the one to its west are going out of business, so unlike the vultures Sean and Charm, I have not been picking at their corpse for new books. I have gone online and picked up some books I need to go through for some background research. The second book is mostly a straight survey of New Thought and different “Mind Cure” beliefs, but the first and third are more “mile wide and inch deep” books that cover a wide array of mystics, cults, healers and con men, in other words, for my reading tastes, a tall, cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day.

The Confusion of Tongues: A Review of Modern Isms by Charles Ferguson (Doubleday, 1929)

Mind Cure in New England: From the Civil War to World War I by Gail Parker (University Press of New England, 1973)

Mystic Healers and Medicine Shows: Blazing Trails to Wellness in the Old West and Beyond edited by Gene Fowler (Ancient City Press, 1997)

-The Filled Slip

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