Acqusitions for the Week of 2.27.2011

Unlike Charm, I haven’t found anything worth getting in the the Wall Street Borders, which is closing. Perhaps illustrating the efficient market hypothesis, it is already mostly picked over. I might pick up some trashy paperbacks when they drop the prices a little further.

Just two this week from my local used bookstore.

Frankenstein Unbound, Brian Aldiss, Pan (1973) – Unnamable Books

Living in the Age of Moschiach, Arnie Gotfryd, Merkos Linyonei Chinuch (2000) – Unnamable Books

– Sean

2 responses to “Acqusitions for the Week of 2.27.2011

  1. Cool – I picked up a load of second hand Aldiss myself a few weeks ago… including Frankenstein Unbound. Seems a shame that there isn’t more of his stuff available in print, actually. Although Greybeard is being republished by Gollancz soon…

    • It is too bad that so many of the 70s writers are now out of print. I’m trying to increase my holdings in that area as I haunt the used bookstores.

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