Samuel Delany Watch

Samuel “Chip” Delany is one of my favorite authors. His masterpiece, Dhalgren, is one of my favorite books. I’ll write more about Dhalgren and Delany in the future, but I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of recent Delany items.

First, the great SF editor and writer Fredrick Pohl has done two great blog entries about Delany, the first is a recollection of a meeting between Delany and Pohl from the time that Delany and his (then) wife, poet Marilyn Hacker were living in England. The second post is an interesting recounting of Pohl’s acquisition of Dhalgren for Batam Books.

Another point of interest for the Delany fan is that Through The Valley Of The Nest Of Spiders, Delany’s latest book, has been delayed. Apparently the publisher is out of money and Delany’s agent is now shopping the book around. Delany has moved away from strict science fiction in recent years. This book tells the story of a gay male couple starting in 2007 and chronicling their life for the next seventy years. I imagine there will be some near future aspects, but Delany is describing the book as being “character driven”. My classics professor might even like it.


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